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Here are some links to attractions in  and around Averøy. There are three cities relatively close; Kristiansund, Molde, and Ålesund. Even closer we find attractions like The Atlantic Ocean Road (only 10 minutes away), while if you prefer mountains over the ocean you can travel to our “alps”, the Romsdal Alps which is home to the world famous “Trollstigen” (pictured above).


The Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road

• You’ll find a lot of information about Averøy on www.kommunenvå , a website catalogue made to make it easier to get to know all the different businesses in Averøy (use the translate option).

• Tourist information from Averøy municipality

• The Atlantic Ocean Road is one out of two options when driving to Averøy. The spectacular road has eight bridges connecting Averøy to the main land, and simply has to be seen when visiting Averøy.

• Hikes in Averøy (information in Norwegian only, but the maps are easy to understand). We especially reccomend the hike to Søbstadberget which is close to us (1 km). This is a short and easy hike which makes it possible to bring kids as well.

• The petroglyphes of Søbstad is on the other side of the bay. A 1 km walk, or 3 minutes boat ride will take you there. We’ll be happy to arrange a guided tour for you!

• Håholmen is a nice place for an excursion, and they also have a decent restaurant if you’re hungry. A historic pearl by the Atlantic Road that you can visit by using Håholmen’s boat service.

• The old stave church in Kvernes dates back to around the 14th century, and is an interesting historical building in Averøy. Close by you’ll also find the Old Kvernes Rural Museum which hosts a lot of old Norwegian buildings dating back to the 18th century. The museum is only open during summer.

• If you like to go shopping, Averøy offers a small shopping center in Bruhagen. Here you can buy food, toys, clothes, shoes, perfume, liquor, flowers, pastries and much more!



• Bud is a small fishing village with a lot of history. Here you can visit an old fishing pier rebuilt into a restaurant, or walk through the bunker built by the Germans during WW2.





• Kristiansund is our closest city, and only half an hour’s drive away.

• Take a boat ride on Sundbåten, the world’s oldest public transportation in continuous use.

• Go swimming, or just ride the water slide in Kristiansund’s water amusement park Atlanterhavsbadet.




• The city of Molde is a 1 hour drive from us, and has also got a lot to offer.

• During winter Molde has both a cross country skiing-center, and an alpine-center.

• The Romsdal Museum preserves old buildings and history from the region. During summer time the museum’s park is also used for outdoor concerts.

• The annual Jazz festival of Molde takes place each year in the middle of July. The festival was established in 1961 and has continue to grow up until today.

• Molde has also got it’s own water amusement park called Moldebadet. In addition to the pool and the slides, they also have a SPA.



• The Trollstigen Mountain Road is one of the most dramatic attractions in Norway. The winding road that takes you up and down the mountain is both thrilling and nerve wrecking. Be sure to bring your camera to all of the six panoramic viewpoints along the road.





• Ålesund, our county’s biggest city, lies a 2,5 hours drive away, but is worth a visit. The city was rebuildt in the picturesque Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) after  the big fire in 1904, and does also have a spectacular view from the mountain side.

• A visit to the aquarium is fun for both kids and adults.

• If you’re interested in the Jugendstil, a trip to the Art Nouveau center will be worth your while.